• DESCRIPTION: Vibrating Sensual Nipple Clamp
  • Size:Φ15mm
  • Length:4.1”(106mm)
  • weight:140g
  • 7-speed vibe

Nipple Clamps create a tingly sensation on the nipples, vaginal lips and various other body regions. Thanks to the fact that every clamp is bi polar, it’s always the tissue in between the clamps being stimulated. This means you can stimulate both nipples at the same time, without any danger of leading electricity through the heart. Each clamp is wired with a Mystim round plug so two channels are required to use both clamps at once. These brilliant little clamps make trying different electrosex contact points so easy. What’s more they’re gentle, but firm, making it easy to clip them on to sensitive spots without unnecessary pinching. This makes them great to find the perfect contact point on either male or female genitals.

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