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Where to buy sex toys in Nepal?

Sex is still considered a taboo subject in Nepal. Talking about sex, sexual experiences, seeking help still puts people at discomfort. Couples tend not to try new things here, and because of which sex toys are largely unexplored in Nepal.

But there are still people who buy sex toys and explore new things in their relationship or looking to enhance pleasure.

Buying Sex Toys from Shop

People are hesitant or feel uneasy to visit any sex toys shop in Nepal. For instance, Nice N Naughty has been operating in Pipalbot, Newroad for over 12 years now. There have been regular customers and new customers visiting the store for a long time now. There are other new shops as well in Kathmandu. However, since Nice N Naughty is operating since a long time and only sell genuine products, it is highly recommended. Also Nice N Naughty respects people privacy and do not promote, send SMS, or email unless asked to customers.

Buying Sex Toys Online

The rise of online shopping has made it a little easier for people to explore sex toys. Many online options are available, and sex toys are also available in Daraz. Nice N Naughty also sells sex and delivers sex toys online. People might have concerns about packaging, but Nice N Naughty delivers all their products discretely, so people can be comfortable with online orders.