Requires: 2 AA Batteries
Length: (150 * 100 * 130mm)
weight: 760g

Product male masturbation virtual skin types produced, fully simulate the human skin elasticity, toughness and softness, feeling far better than real skin. She has a plump, flexible hips, skin rosy, under the hand touch, soft and delicate, people can resist, can bring you the double enjoyment on the visual and tactile. Pussy & Ass is deliciously real and tight to make all your porn star dreams come true! This tempting pussy and ass combo was moulded directly from real woman private parts for a real taste of the blonde bombshell. Pussy & Ass also vibrate with sensuous multispeed to rock your world everytime. Beautifully sculpted and detailed pussy and anus. Long tunnel is lined with sensuous ticklers to simulate the feel of a real woman. Has a hidden compartment that can hold any bullet or egg.

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