• DESCRIPTION: Toy & Vibration
  • Requires Batteries: 4AA
  • Length: (115 * 190 * 80mm)


The Clone Lifelike Vibrating Vagina is a replica that’s so close to the real thing you can close your eyes and never know the difference while your cock receives intense waves of pleasure with every stroke. Lifelike Vibrating Vagina is hand-moulded to resemble every sweet fold and curve you would find in a real vagina. Even you can enjoy the ass too. These intimate details ensure the most believable experience available with a male masturbating toy. To intensify your pleasure further, the Clone Lifelike Vibrating Vagina also features a multi-speed vibrator with attached controller. You can turn the intensity up or down to last as long as you want while you’re pounding the lifelike vagina.

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