• Material: ABS + Metal
  • Product Size: 9.5to20cm , Φ6.5cm
  • Product Weight: 0.166kg
  • Features: Physical Penis Growth

Let’s face it – a majority of men, everywhere in the world have some doubts when it comes to the length, girth and the performance of their “tool”. Most of us are just “average” when it comes to our penis size, and it’s only natural and sensible that we want to gain just an inch or two. A natural way to increase the size of your penis. The ProExtender utilizes the same proven methods that Orthopaedic  Specialists use in the lengthening limbs! Safe and effective. Get it now The average result of Pro Extender treatment was an increase in erect length of 2.8cm (1.1 inch) after 11 – 12 hours traction force. The corresponding flaccid increase is 1.9cm or 0.75 inch. Medically approved penis enlargement without surgery! Age of Patient: 23-47 years old Inclusion: Normal erectile capacity and no penile surgery Exclusion: Chronically diseases Treatment Period: 12 hours daily, 7 days a week, 8-24 weeks

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