DESCRIPTION: Multi-Speed Vibrate and Rotate, Silicone Material, 4 AA Batteries
Size/length: Φ40mm/260(mm)
Weight: 0.591kg

Glans part can rotate 360 degrees deepest massage female. Directly to the vaginal wall strong stimulation, either of her libido strong or weak as ecstasy climax. There are roots of conch-shaped toys, double only soft double fork, left off private parts, tapping vibration intensity arbitrary regulation. Double-action, rotation around spin, adjustable speed. Its the boutique designed by famous Japanese designer Fujiwara show two years experience in the design and research of the Oriental female sexual needs, design. Male genital Body design changed the traditional simplistic and bold design, innovative. Its unique design at is that: to break the one thousand imported appliances, the phenomenon of a mold according to the physical condition of Oriental women, to focus on the excitement of the vulva and G point, with the great features of the male genitalia, guaranteed to make you enjoy gentle caress. Its adjustable frequency vibration function to meet your passion needs; and True Story reversal can control their own; twist function is also arbitrary. Give you a new feeling, put you into a noble and brilliant era of sex…

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