• Completely waterproof
  • Bendable to any shape you want
  • Perfect for solo play or foreplay with your partner
  • Use with water-based lube for enhanced sensations
  • Size: 9.25”long x 1.6”width
  • 3 X AAA batteries

Very Very Sexy  9-inch dildo. This shaft is extremely bendable so you can bend it at 45 degrees, 90 degrees or create an” shape out of it for maximum  pleasure. Small balls provide enough of a base so the dong doesn’t slip too far into your intimate opening. This vibrating dildo is 9 inches in length including the Controller, waterproof bendable, pliable and multi-speed. That is a lot going on for one single sex toy

The Vibrating Dong is also easy to operate and ready to please you as the world’s most flexible life-like vibrating dong. It has soft, pliable Futuristic dong that stays in any shape. This vibrating dildo is waterproof multi-directional positioning and multi-speed.
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