Size: Φ38mm
Length: 6.3 (160mm)
weight: 270g
Length 21.0cm, diameter 3.7cm

According to the American actor famous erotic penis inverted mode refined, flesh-colored design, the appearance of soft, exquisite, delicate, and feel like real skin, can bring you real enjoyment; also has vibration, massage and other effects, for women multiple stimulation can achieve multiple orgasms. Is the first choice for the modern independent woman masturbation devices. Through massage the sensitive parts of women, endocrine regulation, to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of life. This applies to goods elderly sexual function abate or long-term living without the law an obstacle to the ladies; couple separated in two places, a strong woman sex, and divorced or single woman; especially recommended to the pursuit of quality life experience of the successful woman.

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