• DESCRIPTION: Masturbator
  • Details: Toy & Vibrator 
  • Length: “(160 * 150mm)

Fully simulate the human like real skin elasticity, toughness and softness, feeling far better than real skin. She has a plump, flexible hips, skin rosy, under the hand touch, soft and delicate, people can resist, can bring you the double enjoyment on the visual and tactile. Real excitement, pleasure continuously. The Pussy and Ass features the innovative Tight Delight S-Shaped tunnel design. This means the pussy and ass retain their tightness, giving you that wonderfully snug experience time and time again. Each hole is packed with stimulating nodules and ridges to give you a totally fulfilling experience… even better than the real thing! Made from phthalate-free silicone material. Making it super soft to touch and more realistic than ever. It’s also comes with a wired bullet vibrator. Simply pop the bullet into the top of the pussy to experience incredible sensations and deep vibrations from inside the pussy.

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